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Mission Statement

We aim to support individuals to achieve all that they truly wish to become, and to inspire them to recognise their own innate health and wellbeing, enabling them to achieve their aspirations and goals. We promote positive attitudes, self-esteem, confidence, self-respect and total inclusion.

Community Flow is now recognised by the School for Social Entrepreneurs after graduating on the 3rd October 2017. During the graduation, our Senior Managing Director (Sonia Parnell) was awarded 'Peer of the Year 2017' for her contribution and dedication to guiding others in times of need as well as maintaining laughter during the SSE sessions.

With Easter around the corner, Steven decided to make an Easter bonnet which turned out amazing! Philip was deco-patching an Easter bunny and Michael wanted to finish off one of his stitch pieces. Finally, Jon (Volunteer) and Tom were outside planting some new flowers ready for the sunny weather.

Take a look now...

This festival was our opportunity to showcase some of the amazing fruit and vegetables that has been grown here at Liberty House. We wanted to encouraging local residents (and those further afield!) to become healthier with our wellbeing stalls and amazing food. Liberty House Care Homes’ also celebrated their 20th anniversary!


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