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2017 Festival - Summer Garden Festival

This year our Summer Garden Festival was more successful than ever, raising over £1000, with over 500 people attending. Sadly the rain on Friday stopped our services users from going outdoors, but we still continued the festival indoors.

Friday 28th July

On Friday, we hosted our Summer Garden Festival for service users from a wide range of care homes so they could enjoy the day in a calm and relaxed environment. Due to the weather sadly not all the service users were able to make it outside, but nevertheless we continued the festival indoors! 

Saturday 29th July

Saturday was our big day! Over 500 people attended the event during the day and filled Liberty House's garden completely. The atmosphere was amazing, music, food, dancing, singing, friends, family and most of all fun. We can say for certain it was a busy day but the results stood for themselves; over £1000 was raised which will go towards developing Community Flow's workshops.


With these workshops we hope to reach a wider community, and to get more and more service users involved in the workshops.

This weekend has helped Community Flow to get one step closer to our main goal of Community Cohesion, wellbeing and inclusion.

Thanks to...

None of what happened this weekend would have been possible without the support of all our Stall Holders and Performers:

Stall Holders:

  • Speedy Marque

  • Funky Faces

  • Brandos

  • Forever Living

  • JP Cakes

  • Mary Kay

  • Bien Etre

  • Jewellery/Big Nanny's Hair Products

  • Travelsavea

  • Rasculture


  • Steel Band

  • Hoop Guy

  • Gospel Arts Productions

  • Cubs of Punjab

  • Laura Ige

  • Tewahedo Drummers

  • Carol Brewster

  • Cool Brothers

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