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About us

We are a Community interest Company (not for profit organisation), initially established in 2012. We are based in the West Midlands, Erdington, Birmingham.


Community Flow is a Social Enterprise organisation which runs a Care and Share project. The Care and Share project focuses on improving health and wellbeing by reducing isolation for individuals, especially individuals with learning disabilities. The project provides weekly activities that are delivered from it’s beautiful gardens and training workshop.


The activities create volunteering opportunities in the wider community. The project delivers various skills workshops and group activities around gardening and vegetable growing, cookery and craft projects, not forgetting the outings linked to these activities. For example, individuals participating in the gardening project may visit the Botanical Gardens or other gardening centres and venues. This enable the individuals to mix with the local community and for the local community to learn more about individuals with learning disabilities as they are often misunderstood and isolated.


The activities provided runs weekly, based on demand. Individuals are able to join at any time (the programme runs on a roll on/roll off basis) so there are no restrictions or waiting times. We plan to run the gardening, cookery and craft workshops at the same time, if there is sufficient demand. This will allow individuals to choose the activities they are most interested in and unlike a day centre, they get to do different activities daily.


Community flow supports volunteers and student placements within the organisation. The team provides training in wellbeing and inclusion. We are enthusiastic about supporting and developing young people to reach their full potential. We are actively involved in mentoring students in schools and colleges across the Midlands - including supporting the National Careers Service.

Our Mission

We aim to support individuals to achieve all that they truly wish to become, and to inspire them to recognise their own innate health and well-being, enabling them to achieve their aspirations and goals. We promote positive attitudes, self-esteem, confidence, self-respect and total inclusion.

What we do

Our aim is to contribute to the reshaping of our community, by creating new skills to empower and promote individuals and their achievements. We aim to connect people to work together in shared activities and learning, encouraging inclusion and engagement for individuals at risk of social isolation.

Our Vision

Our vision is to maintain and improve conditions of our mental health and wellbeing, by improving community engagement and cohesion. Our prime objectives are to enable and empower individuals and promote inclusive practices. These factors are our task masters which we willingly strive to achieve. We want to be at the centre of learning how best to achieve healthy minds through helping people to draw from their own innate wisdom, resilience and personal wellbeing.

Who are our Customers?

We seek to provide services for people at risk of social isolation and those individuals and organisations who wish to contribute to creating more inclusive and psychologically healthier communities.

Our Management Team

Our team of directors have extensive experience in successful business planning and people management. We have full knowledge and understanding within Social Care, including the provision of assessment, training, consultancy and organisational development. We pride ourselves in absolute commitment to developing and contributing to the reshaping of our community.

Sonia Parnell

Senior Managing Director

Sonia is the Founder of Community Flow CIC a passionate and determined entrepreneurial woman whose focus is on changing the lives of individuals with learning disabilities. She introduced ‘Community Flow’ Care and Share project which ran workshops which she later registered as a Community Interest Company (CIC) in 2013.  The purpose of ‘Community Flow’ is about partnership working developing a community that cares. It connects people with learning disabilities and individuals isolated in the community by bringing them together.


Sonia’s business has received national recognition as an award finalist in the National Care Awards 2013 nominated for Special Needs manager 2013 and Excellence in resident handling 2013.


Sonia Affirms “I love seeing the joy on my service users faces when we introduce new activities and projects. I constantly seek ideas to bring back to the project to develop our service users and help them achieve their goals.”

“I’m so passionate about everything I do, I appreciate life and everything I have. The desire I have within me, drives me. I never give up no matter how tough things get, I am very clear on my vision and goals.

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